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Believe in different

At UCEN Manchester we believe in different: a different student experience, a different, career based degree, and most importantly creating a different, brighter future for you.

And our faith in different doesn't stop there which is why we have turned our backs on stuffy, unimaginative printed prospectuses and reinvented ours to give you something entirely different. Something as individual as you.

By providing your details we'll be able to customise content and show you what you want to see and keep in contact with you by email with any updates we may have for the subject(s) you are interested in. You can always change or update this at a later date by visiting the My Account feature. If you'd prefer not to share your details please select 'Skip personalisation' below.

For the best experience we recommend you use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge (Internet Explorer is kind of the printed prospectus of browsers - a little clunky and outdated).

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